Una boda mitad inglesa, mitad española en Quintanar de la Sierra

Aymara and Will gave us the opportunity to be part of a multicultural wedding in Quintanar de la Sierra, a beautiful village in Burgos, Spain.

Although she always lived in England, her parents were born in Spain, and so Aymara spent summers and Christmas at her mother's hometown, making her life's story (and heart) be divided by two different countries. Will was born in Portsmouth, UK, and they met at Glastonbury music festival in 2011. 


When they contacted us first by email, I have to confess I got really excited, and then when we finished the skype videocall "meeting", I couldn't wait for their next message confirming that we would be a part of their wedding.

Laura and me (Iris) just get crazy about speaking in different languages and get to know another wedding traditions (and, in general, other cultures) so we were super excited before everything started.

Aymara & Will's first sight was unbelievable emotional and they walked surrounded by all the guests from the bride's home to the church, accompanied by two typical musicians from Galicia (the region of Spain where Aymara's dad was born). 

We need to thank Paul, Joe, Leon, and all the bridemaids for being awesome. All the guests were fabulous and kind to us, and the most important: they loved the place, the vibe and the celebration of Aymara and Will's love.

We would’ve loved to stay at the party and enjoy the amazing music they were probably dancing to the whole night, but we needed to drive to another city, so we said goodbye around 22pm :).

Thanks again for the amazing party! We hope you enjoy the pics. More coming soon in private galleries :) 


Decoration & Graphic design: Aymara & Will

Bride's dress: Emelia Paris Atelier (Orisha Novias, Burgos) 

Kimono: EBay 

Bride's shoes: Office London

Bouquet: Cultura de Flor, Burgos

Hairstyle and make up: Ruth & Angela (Bride's friends) 

Groom's suit: Moss Bros

Groom's shoes: ASOS 

Wedding venue: El Molino, Vilviestre del Pinar, Burgos

Catering: El Molino

Children outfits: Les Petites Mews (The Mews Notting Hill, London)

Flower crown: Cultura de Flor, Burgos

Boda en el Quintanar de la Sierra en Burgos | Aymara & Will - A la virulé